Melacca City…Or Is It Just Melaka?

Malacca or Melaka is a city in Southern Malaysia and our last stop in the country (or so we thought; we wound up back in Malaysia months later). It gives […]

Things To Explore in Singapore

We spent just a few days in Singapore, due to the price of visiting this tiny nation at the tip of Thailand. It’s one of the best cities to do […]

How to Deal with Sketchy Situations & Unsavory Charactors While Traveling

Traveling is fun, adventurous and exciting. When people post about it online it’s all #wanderlust and #amazing…not #abjectfear or #thoughtimightdie. But the reality is traveling can be a bit distressing. […]

Batu Caves & A Trek to Tesco Gone Wrong

When in KL you must go to Batu Caves. It’s touristy and instagramy and annoying, but it must be seen. It’s an easy train ride from the city, and cheap, […]

Bars, Mosques and More in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of those places I’d heard of, without ever actually knowing where it was. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was in Malaysia! Kuala Lumpur, commonly  […]

Pristine & Planned: Putrajaya Malaysia

Putrajaya is a quick 15 minutes south of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, and accessible from the city’s public transit. Putrajaya is a fully planned city that was founded in 1995. It […]

Roaming Around A Royal Town: Kuala Kangsar

While in Perakwe tried to go to Taiping three times. We failed three times (full trains). And so instead went to Kuala Kangsar – the Royal Town of Perak, how […]

A Few Day’s In Perak’s Largest City, Ipoh

We spent a few days in Ipoh, the capital of Malaysia’s Perak state and the country’s 4th-largest city. Ipoh dates back to about 1820, when it got its beginnings as […]

Perplexed in Penang

Penang, Malaysia’s largest island, is extremely popular. Tourists love it! Backpackers love it! Everyone loves it! The island is affectionatly called the “Pearl or the Orient” and boasts the ever-popular […]

5 Unexpected and Slightly Random Backpacking Essentials

What does one pack for a very very long backpacking trip with no end date? Too much, apparently, if you’re me. [In the time since I wrote this and forgot […]