Month: July 2018

Paper with smiley faces and word AMOR hanging on tree.

Quito and the Middle of the World

Location Quito Ecuador | Dates July 16-19 & 26-27 | Accommodation Selina Quito & Huasi Lodge We didn’t think we’d like Quito Ecuador going in, based on accounts from other travelers. Needless to say we […]

Swing off the end of the world at Casa de Arbol.

Swinging Off the “End of the World” in Baños

Country Ecuador | Dates July 14-17 | Accommodation Selina Baños We took a bus from Montanita to Guayaquil, then transferred on another to Baños. The ride was unpleasant as we were tried from our big […]

Decorative surfboard on boardwalk next to long blue ocean Montañita.

Montañita: Where the Party Meets the Beach

Country Ecuador | Dates July 12 – July 14 | Accommodation Selina Montañita We took an early taxi to the bus station in Guayaquil with 2 girls from our hostel, and were not pleased to […]

Blue and white letters of a sign that says Guayaquil.

[Guaya]Killing Time in Guayaquil Ecuador

Country Ecuador | Dates July 10-12 | Accommodation Toto Hostel What to Do for 24 Hours in Guayaquil Our bus brought us to Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador (yes, it’s larger than […]

Taking a 30 hour bus ride from Lima Peru to Guayaquil Ecuador.

Peru to Ecuador: A 30-Hour Bus Journey

Country Bus from Peru to Ecuador | Dates July 10-11 | Accommodation Cruz Del Sur Bus [Please excuse the horrible out-the-window blurred photos in this post taken in the back row with excessive […]

bright green lilypads with purple flowers floating on the Amazon river

In the Jungle: The Peruvian Amazon

Country Peru | Dates July 6-8 | Accommodation Muyuna Lodge [See My Review] I went to the Amazon again, but in Peru this time. My sister wasn’t with me the […]

Dark brown muddy water and wooden houses on stilts on river in Belen Iquitos.

Iquitos: An Introduction to the Amazon

Location Iquitos Peru | Dates July 3-6 | Accommodation Flying Dog Iquitos & Victoria Regia Hotel (free night!) Our next stop after Lima (maybe I’ll blog about Lima, probably not) was the airport, to […]

A Peculiar Petroglyph in Paracas

Country Peru | Dates June 30 – July 2 | Accommodation Icthus Paracas Backpackers & Kokopelli Paracas Since we purchased tickets on the awful Peru Hop [See My Review], we decided to take advantage of […]

Ica Peru: Street Food, Mototaxis & Wine

Location Ica Peru | Dates June 29-30 | Accommodation Dunas Lodge We were told repeatedly not to go to Ica; it wasn’t exciting, nothing to do, etc. We went anyway and absolutely […]

Who Knew? There’s a Desert & Oasis in Peru

Location Huacachina Peru | Dates June 28-29 | Accommodation Banana’s Hostel Bus Beginnings We took the Peru Hop (huge mistake – see review) to Huacachina. It was not on time, so we waited […]