Month: September 2018

Beyond the Terracotta Warriors: 3 Days in Xi’an China

Xi’an is located in central east-ish China in the Shaanxi province. An interesting mixture of old and new, the not-as-bustling-as-you-might-expect city offers historical sights and expected Chinese charm, as well as […]

Where To Stay | Asia

A quick list of everywhere I stayed while backpacking in Asia and my rating. Check out the best places to stay, and the places to avoid at all costs. Links […]

Top 10 Experiences Backpacking in South America

4 months, 8 countries, and 200+ hours on buses, and I’m done with the first leg of my round-the-world backpacking trip. While it’s nearly impossible to choose, here is my […]

Sign that says "hostel" on it on yellow and green wall.

How to Check for Bed Bugs While Traveling…and What To Do If You Find Them

It’s late. Your hostel check in took forever. Maybe you just stepped off a 25-hour bus ride. Maybe you’re filthy and want to shower. You just really, really don’t feel […]