About Me

budget backpackerGreetings! I’m Katie, and I left my job as a marketing manager to travel the world. I’ve always loved exploring, and spent the past 10 years squeezing as much travel as possible into my “normal” life. After countless insane and insanely rushed trips – from a casual weekend in Alaska to a solo 4,000 mile road trip to North Dakota – it became obvious my passion for going everywhere and seeing everything was not going away. It also became obvious I needed more time to explore the world than a 9-to-5 job would allow. My sister was similiarly affected by the travel bug, so after years of debating we finally decided it was now or never. In April 2018 we quit our jobs and purchased 1-way tickets to South America. We’ve been on the road ever since.

As a writer and photographer, not starting a travel blog was not an option for me. Budget Backpacker offers tips and tricks for traveling on a budget (being cheap) and remaining vigilant (staying safe) while doing so. I aim to offer advice and a realistic glimpse into life on the road – from the amazing experiences to the not-so-pleasant realities.

Follow me as I spend countless hours on filthy buses, swim in questionable rivers, meet strange strangers, examine mattresses for bedbugs, eat too much peanut butter, and do everything in between.

Budget backpacker travel girl leaning out of train with graffiti.

Train Cemetery, Uyuni Bolivia

Contact & A Little More About Me

Email || backpackandbudget@gmail.com

Instagram || https://www.instagram.com/exploringwithkatie/

Travel Stats || 43 countries, 49 of 50 US States, (and counting)

Things I Like || Bright colors, water ice, sneakers, rainbow sprinkles, graffiti, writing, dinosaurs, traveling (duh), reading, sparkly nail polish, photography.