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How to Deal with Sketchy Situations & Unsavory Charactors While Traveling

Traveling is fun, adventurous and exciting. When people post about it online it’s all #wanderlust and #amazing…not #abjectfear or #thoughtimightdie. But the reality is traveling can be a bit distressing. […]

Bars, Mosques and More in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of those places I’d heard of, without ever actually knowing where it was. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was in Malaysia! Kuala Lumpur, commonly  […]

5 Unexpected and Slightly Random Backpacking Essentials

What does one pack for a very very long backpacking trip with no end date? Too much, apparently, if you’re me. [In the time since I wrote this and forgot […]

Essential Experiences While Traveling in Laos

Essential Experiences: Things to Do in Laos Planning a trip to Laos? In Laos right now and trying to figure out what to do? Look no further! The list below goes […]

How To Save Money on Lodging (Hostels) While Traveling

Hostel. Hotel. Guesthouse. Lodging. Accommodation. Room. No matter what you call the place you sleep, you probably don’t want to blow your whole budget on it – especially if you’re […]

5 Cities to Check Out in China (and What to do There)

China is massive. You could travel for months and only see a fraction of the diverse country, so it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to go. This list […]

Golden gate and dusty road at the border of CHina and Laos.

How to Cross Borders While Traveling in Asia

Traveling overland? Crossing borders by bus, train, taxi, tuk tuk, or on foot? This post is for you! Keep reading for details on how to cross borders overland between countries […]

Where To Stay | Asia

A quick list of everywhere I stayed while backpacking in Asia and my rating. Check out the best places to stay, and the places to avoid at all costs. Links […]

Top 10 Experiences Backpacking in South America

4 months, 8 countries, and 200+ hours on buses, and I’m done with the first leg of my round-the-world backpacking trip. While it’s nearly impossible to choose, here is my […]

Sign that says "hostel" on it on yellow and green wall.

How to Check for Bed Bugs While Traveling…and What To Do If You Find Them

It’s late. Your hostel check in took forever. Maybe you just stepped off a 25-hour bus ride. Maybe you’re filthy and want to shower. You just really, really don’t feel […]