Usually I put off packing until an hour before my trip, but in this case I started getting stuff out a whopping 20 hours beforehand. Of course, I put off the actual packing until a few hours before departure (I finished around 1pm, departed for my flight at 5).

Below is a list of what I brought, links to products (coming soon), and some packing tips & tricks.

What’s In My Pack?

Packing list for a months-long trip around some portion of the world

Clothing Items

  • 2 pairs jeans
  • 2 pairs jean shorts
  • 1 pair adventure pants: Columbia Daytripper 2
  • 7 tank tops: 2 sport/wicking, 3 normal, 2 undershirts
  • 7 t-shirts: 3 sport/wicking, 4 normal
  • 2 dresses: 1 casual/beach, 1 nicer
  • 1 cardigan (pair with dress to look nice)
  • 1 skirt: long cotton skirt, can be rolled up or worn long in modest countries
  • Pajamas: 1 pants, 2 shorts, 2 tees
  • 1 bandana
  • 1 bathing suit
  • 1 hat (baseball hat)
  • 2 sunglasses: one nice pair (polarized), one cheap plastic pair (for swimming)
  • 1 pair hybrid hiking shoes/running shoes
    • My Choice: Keen
  • 1 pair cheap flip flops: Day wear and use in hostel showers; unsanitary floors
  • 1 pair flats: For places that do not allow sneaks or flip flops
  • Underwear, including 4 anti-microbial underwear (Yup did not know this existed)
  • Long Underwear/Base Layers
    • My Choice: Women’s North Face
  • 1 nice legging, 1 spandex short
  • Arteryx down jacket
  • Arteryx zip fleece
  • North Face rain jacket

Non-Clothing Items

  • Padlock: For use in hostel
  • Passport holder: Black pouch, to hide passport
  • Multiclava: Multi-use bandana-like item
    • My Choice: Eddie Bauer
  • Water bottle
    • My Choice: Camelback
  • Headphones
  • Plastic bags
  • Headlamp: Good for caves and nighttime hiking/walking obviously, but also ideal for use in the hostel at night when everyone is asleep and you are rummaging around in your bag and/or gathering your items for that 4am flight.
    • My Choice: $20 – REI
  • First Aid Kit: I’m cheap, so I made my own. But they also sell them in nifty little packs if you want to go that route. Items to include: Band-aids, gauze, antiseptic (wipes or neosporin), medications to include benedryl, Advil, immodium, dayquil equivalent, cough drops, burn cream, rubber gloves.
  • Eye Mask: Good for the plane, long bus rides, bright hostel rooms…
    • My Choice: Flight 001
  • Essentials: Notebook, pens, sharpie, scissors


Getting lazy, see the photo!

Secret Tips

  • “Plane Pack”
  • Plastic bags for the road: Uses -> dirty laundry, barf bag if nausea ensues in transit
  • Use Ziploc bags as packing cubes, label them
  • Bring small toothpaste for other transit in trip

Plane Outfit

Leave your travel outfit out while packing — and plan to wear large/bulky items onboard rather than pack them. For example, hiking boots/sneakers, a jacket, etc!

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