Who Knew? There’s a Desert & Oasis in Peru

Location Huacachina Peru | Dates June 28-29 | Accommodation Banana’s Hostel Bus Beginnings We took the Peru Hop (huge mistake – see review) to Huacachina. It was not on time, so we waited […]

An Obligatory Visit to Machu Picchu & Aguas Calientes

Country Peru | Dates June 25-26 | Accommodation Ecopackers Hostel While in Peru, I of course had to visit Machu Picchu which required a bit more planning and was more costly […]

Cities of Peru: Puno, Cusco, Arequipa

This post discusses 3 of the cities in Peru, as you can see by the title if you are literate, which I presume you are as you’re reading this blog. […]

Terrible Tour to the Sacred Valley

Location Sacred Valley Peru | Dates June 24-25 | Accommodation Inka King There is a lot to do outside Cusco. From the Sacred Valley, to rainbow mountain to ruins, there are no lack of […]

Tips on Tipón: Ruins & A Sheep Charging Incident

While this doesn’t really warrant an entire post, I absolutely loved the Tipón ruins (maybe more than Machu Picchu…). They seem to be severely underrated and under visited, so they […]

Guide to Exploring the Cusco City Ruins

Country Peru | Dates June 22 – 24 | Accommodation Kokopelli Hostel (Cusco) Although most people go to Cusco for Machu Picchu, there are many other ruins around the city to explore. My goal […]

Things to Do in Copacabana That Aren’t Isle del Sol

Country Bolivia | Dates June 19-21 | Accommodation Hotel La Cupula Copacabana Bolívia, not to be confused with Copacabana in Rio, is located on the shore of Lake Titicaca near the […]

Wild[life]: 3 Days Inside the Bolivian Pampas

Country Bolivia | Dates June 16-18 | Tour Company Max Adventure [See My Review] The pampas are wetlands on the edge of the Amazon in Bolivia, accessed most commonly via the town of […]

Rurrenabaque: Before & After The Tour

A bit about our experience in town and things to do in Rurrenabaque. Like most people we visited for a pampas tour, but the town still had things to offer. […]

Treacherous Bus Journey to Rurrenabaque

As we read a lot online about how treacherous the bus to Rurrenabaque is, I wanted to share our experience in its own post for other travelers. I will say it […]