In A Cloud In Coroico

Country Bolivia | Dates June 12-14 | Accommodation Hotel Bella Vista Coroico is only about 33 miles from La Paz, but has an entirely different (tropical) climate. After freezing for weeks, we […]

Loving La Paz

Country Bolivia | Dates June 10-12 | Accommodation Hostal Journey Our flight to La Paz was delayed by 8+ hours because of an unexpected snowstorm (remember that time I thought we’d be […]

Not So Sure About Sucre

Country Bolivia | City Sucre | | Dates June 8-10 | Accommodation Kulturhaus Berlin & Villa Impresa We took a bus from Potosi to Sucre, a journey that took way longer than […]

Potosí & Entering the Mines at Cerro Rico

Country Bolivia | Dates June 6-7 | Accommodation Hostal Eucalyptus We didn’t know a ton about things to do in Potosí going in; just that it was a Unesco site and that it was famous […]

Uyuni & the Bumpy Bus to Potosí

Country Bolivia | Dates June 5-6 | Accommodation Piedra Blanca Hostel Uyuni Bolivia: Not All That Unique Our salt flats tour ended in Uyuni Bolivia, a smaller town near the border […]

The Salt Flats of Bolivia: Dream Destination

Country Bolivia | City Salt flats Bolivia (various) | Dates June 3-5 | Tour Company World White Travel [see my review] The Bolivian Salt Flats, also known as Salar de Uyuni, have been on my […]

How to Get a Bolivian Visa (and Cross the Border) if you’re from the USA

The following post details how to get a Bolivian visa, and our experience completing the border crossing in June 2018, at the border station near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. […]

Let’s Go to San Pedro…de Atacama

Country Chile | City San Pedro de Atacama | Dates May 31 – June 3 | Accommodation Hostel Base Camp We took an overnight Pullman bus from La Serena to San Pedro de Atacama, which was grueling and awful […]

Unplanned Visit to Chile’s Elqui Valley

Country Chile | City Pisco, Elqui Valley | Dates May 29-30 | Accommodation Cosmo Elqui (Rivadavia location) We had not planned on going to Elqui Valley. In fact, we had never heard of Elqui Valley. But our […]

La Serena & Coquimbo

Country Chile | Dates May 27-29 | Accommodation Cosmo Elqui Valley (La Serena Location) We decided to stop along our way to the Atacama, to see some not-so-visited towns and break up days […]