View from Capri Lake at El Chalten Patagonia

Patagonia: El Chaltan & Hiking Fitz Roy

See Related Patagonia Posts: El Calafate | Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia [Full] Day 3: I opted to take the bus to El Chaltan for the day rather than schlep another […]

Bed with red pillows and no bed bugs in hostel room.

What To Do in the Event of a Bed Bug Scare

I am a germaphobe, and a bit of a hypochondriac. Bed bugs are on my list of “top 5 fears.” As a result, when I travel I am always vigilant. […]

Patagonia: El Calafate, Around the Town

See Related Patagonia Posts: Perito Moreno Glacier | El Chalten My first night I ventured into town, begrudgingly because I was freezing and exhausted. I went to the grocery store, […]

Patagonia: Glorious Glacier Perito Moreno

Country Argentina | Dates May 15 – 19 | Accommodation America del Sur Hostel I flew from Buenos Aires into El Calafate to start my Patagonia exploration. I arrived at night, taking the […]

Tips for saving money on food while traveling.

5 Tips For Keeping Food Costs Down on the Road

Of course, we all have our favorite foods, our preferences. That big bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruit we like every morning, the candy bar we secretly consume after dinner… […]

Punta Del Este’s Frightening Fingers

Country Uruguay | Dates May 11-13 | Accommodation F & F Hotel/Hostel We grabbed a cab to the bus station in del Diablo, mainly because we were going with a girl from our hostel […]

Empty beach with pink building in the background.

Punta del Diablo: Off-Season Offerings

Country Uruguay | Dates May 9-11 | Accommodation El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites Punta del Diabo is located off northeast coast of Uruguay, less than 30 minutes from the border with Brazil. In […]

Statue of man on horse named Artigas and tall building.

Montevideo: History, Cutlure & Unsavory Characters

Country Uruguay | Dates May 6-9 | Accommodation Circus Hostel & Hotel Barrio Sur Our first venture in Montevideo was to see a street band with drums, Candombe, that practices outside on […]

Tray of food onboard overnight bus.

Transit Highlights: 9kg of Laundry and 22 Hours on the Bus

Countries Brazil & Argentina | Dates May 3-4 | Accommodation Wyndham Foz Iguazu Yes, you read that right. We finally stayed at a hotel! But first, we grabbed our 9kg of laundry […]

Iguazu Falls & The Rabies Incident

Countries Brazil & Argentina | Dates May 1-3 | Accommodation Tetris Container Hostel On the plane to Iguazu Falls Sarah was starving so we used hard/uncooked pasta to scoop some PB out (yes […]