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bright green lilypads with purple flowers floating on the Amazon river

In the Jungle: The Peruvian Amazon

Country Peru | Dates July 6-8 | Accommodation Muyuna Lodge [See My Review] I went to the Amazon again, but in Peru this time. My sister wasn’t with me the […]

Dark brown muddy water and wooden houses on stilts on river in Belen Iquitos.

Iquitos: An Introduction to the Amazon

Location Iquitos Peru | Dates July 3-6 | Accommodation Flying Dog Iquitos & Victoria Regia Hotel (free night!) Our next stop after Lima (maybe I’ll blog about Lima, probably not) was the airport, to […]

Rurrenabaque: Before & After The Tour

A bit about our experience in town and things to do in Rurrenabaque. Like most people we visited for a pampas tour, but the town still had things to offer. […]