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Colombia’s Caribbean: Santa Marta & Costeño Beach

Country Colombia | Dates August 7-9 | Accommidation Casa Carolina (Santa Marta) & La Brisa Tranquilla (Costeño Beach) [Read My Review] Santa Marta is a popular destination on Colombia’s Caribbean coast mostly because it’s […]

Multi-colored tents on the beach in Canoa Ecuador.

Bright Beach Tents of Canoa Ecuador

Location Canoa Ecuador | Dates July 24-26 | Accommodation Coco Loco Canoa Ecuador was one of my favorite destinations, both because I love the beach and because it was an amazing beach. Located at around […]

Decorative surfboard on boardwalk next to long blue ocean Montañita.

Montañita: Where the Party Meets the Beach

Country Ecuador | Dates July 12 – July 14 | Accommodation Selina Montañita We took an early taxi to the bus station in Guayaquil with 2 girls from our hostel, and were not pleased to […]

Punta Del Este’s Frightening Fingers

Country Uruguay | Dates May 11-13 | Accommodation F & F Hotel/Hostel We grabbed a cab to the bus station in del Diablo, mainly because we were going with a girl from our hostel […]

Empty beach with pink building in the background.

Punta del Diablo: Off-Season Offerings

Country Uruguay | Dates May 9-11 | Accommodation El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites Punta del Diabo is located off northeast coast of Uruguay, less than 30 minutes from the border with Brazil. In […]

Paraty & Trindade: Beach, Brigadeiros and Blood

Country Brazil | Dates April 27-29 | Accommodation Che Lagarto Hostel, Macabéa hostel e Pousada Paraty is a beautiful historical town on the water. White houses and buildings, brightly painted doors and lampposts line cobblestone […]

Wooden plank bride in green grasses in Paraty Miram Brazil.

Paraty Miram: Wrong Bus, Right Hostel

Country Brazil | Dates April 26-27 | Accommodation ReMo Hostel After a morning at the beach in Ubatuba we trekked 30 minutes to town with our bags to the bus. We made it […]

Girl sanding in the water of Praia Do Pruirim breach in Ubatuba Brazil.

Beaches of Ubatuba, By Way of Rental Car

Country Brazil | Date April 25 | Related Post On Ubatuba We awoke early, bruised from the excessively hard hostel beds. We snuck (ran) out of the hostel to pick up our rental […]

Red, blue and green houses on the water in downtown Ubatuba Brazil.

Ubatuba (No Real Tubas Involved)

Country Brazil (Ubatuba) | Dates April 24 – 26 | Accommodation Withheld as I believe hostel owner monitors Internet for mentions On the bus to Ubatuba we drove through the mountains/jungle past beautiful […]