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Busing Through Southern Laos: From Kong Lor to Thakhek to Pakse

We continued heading south through Laos on a mini bus from Vientiane to Kong Lor. There were not enough seats, and I was fortunate to get a lovely seat on the […]

bunk beds onboard a sleeping bus in China.

My First Sleeping Bus: Traveling Overland from China to Laos

Our Asia adventure began in China, where we headed south to cross overland to Laos. Initially we planned to take an “international” bus from Kunming to Luang Prabang. After reading […]

Taking a 30 hour bus ride from Lima Peru to Guayaquil Ecuador.

Peru to Ecuador: A 30-Hour Bus Journey

Country Bus from Peru to Ecuador | Dates July 10-11 | Accommodation Cruz Del Sur Bus [Please excuse the horrible out-the-window blurred photos in this post taken in the back row with excessive […]

Who Knew? There’s a Desert & Oasis in Peru

Location Huacachina Peru | Dates June 28-29 | Accommodation Banana’s Hostel Bus Beginnings We took the Peru Hop (huge mistake – see review) to Huacachina. It was not on time, so we waited […]

Transit Highlights: Onboard the Pullman Bus

Pullman Bus Situations || We arrived at the bus station for our trip north, and approached the counter to have our ticket printed showing the man our confirmation code. He said […]

Tray of food onboard overnight bus.

Transit Highlights: 9kg of Laundry and 22 Hours on the Bus

Countries Brazil & Argentina | Dates May 3-4 | Accommodation Wyndham Foz Iguazu Yes, you read that right. We finally stayed at a hotel! But first, we grabbed our 9kg of laundry […]