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Taking a 30 hour bus ride from Lima Peru to Guayaquil Ecuador.

Peru to Ecuador: A 30-Hour Bus Journey

Country Bus from Peru to Ecuador | Dates July 10-11 | Accommodation Cruz Del Sur Bus [Please excuse the horrible out-the-window blurred photos in this post taken in the back row with excessive […]

Who Knew? There’s a Desert & Oasis in Peru

Location Huacachina Peru | Dates June 28-29 | Accommodation Banana’s Hostel Bus Beginnings We took the Peru Hop (huge mistake – see review) to Huacachina. It was not on time, so we waited […]

Transit Highlights: Onboard the Pullman Bus

Pullman Bus Situations || We arrived at the bus station for our trip north, and approached the counter to have our ticket printed showing the man our confirmation code. He said […]

Tray of food onboard overnight bus.

Transit Highlights: 9kg of Laundry and 22 Hours on the Bus

Countries Brazil & Argentina | Dates May 3-4 | Accommodation Wyndham Foz Iguazu Yes, you read that right. We finally stayed at a hotel! But first, we grabbed our 9kg of laundry […]