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5 Cities to Check Out in China (and What to do There)

China is massive. You could travel for months and only see a fraction of the diverse country, so it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to go. This list […]

bunk beds onboard a sleeping bus in China.

My First Sleeping Bus: Traveling Overland from China to Laos

Our Asia adventure began in China, where we headed south to cross overland to Laos. Initially we planned to take an “international” bus from Kunming to Luang Prabang. After reading […]

A Few Days in Kunming China

Getting There: Treacherous Train Travels After a 3-day game of will we or won’t we over taking the 18.5 hour overnight “hard sleeper” class train from Chengdu to Kunming, we decided […]

Chillin in Shilin, China’s Stone Forest

Shilin, or the Stone Forest, is as it sounds – a massive area covered in equally-massive stones. You could say it’s a forest of stones. Located in southern China about […]

Cheng-Doing Things in Chengdu

Related | Chengdu Side Trips: Dujiangyan | Leshan Grand Buddha | Mt. Emei Chengdu is a major metropolitan city in central China. With a big-city feel and high rises galore, it felt […]

Red rope bridge over green water at the dujiangyan irrigation system.

A Day in Dujiangyan: Exploring the Irrigation System & Mount Qingcheng

In Chengdu longer than planned, we looked for more day trips as we’d seen what we wanted of the city. Sarah’s panda obsession continued and she opted to visit the […]

View of the massive head of the Leshan Grand Buddha.

Sights in Sichuan: Leshan Grand Buddha & Mt. Emei

We headed out of Chengdu, a large city in China’s Sichuan Province, to visit some sights in the countryside including the Leshan Giant Buddha and Mt. Emei. Leshan Grand Buddha Leshan […]

Beyond the Terracotta Warriors: 3 Days in Xi’an China

Xi’an is located in central east-ish China in the Shaanxi province. An interesting mixture of old and new, the not-as-bustling-as-you-might-expect city offers historical sights and expected Chinese charm, as well as […]