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Colombia’s Caribbean: Santa Marta & Costeño Beach

Country Colombia | Dates August 7-9 | Accommidation Casa Carolina (Santa Marta) & La Brisa Tranquilla (Costeño Beach) [Read My Review] Santa Marta is a popular destination on Colombia’s Caribbean coast mostly because it’s […]

Photo of Butibara building palm trees and train bridge in Medellín.

Much to See in Medellín

Country Colombia | Dates July 31 – August 4 | Accommodation El Alternativo We left Salento and hopped a bus to Medellín, the city in Colombia we were most excited about. It turned out to be […]

Blue and white letters of a sign that says Guayaquil.

[Guaya]Killing Time in Guayaquil Ecuador

Country Ecuador | Dates July 10-12 | Accommodation Toto Hostel What to Do for 24 Hours in Guayaquil Our bus brought us to Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador (yes, it’s larger than […]

Ica Peru: Street Food, Mototaxis & Wine

Location Ica Peru | Dates June 29-30 | Accommodation Dunas Lodge We were told repeatedly not to go to Ica; it wasn’t exciting, nothing to do, etc. We went anyway and absolutely […]

Cities of Peru: Puno, Cusco, Arequipa

This post discusses 3 of the cities in Peru, as you can see by the title if you are literate, which I presume you are as you’re reading this blog. […]

Not So Sure About Sucre

Country Bolivia | City Sucre | | Dates June 8-10 | Accommodation Kulturhaus Berlin & Villa Impresa We took a bus from Potosi to Sucre, a journey that took way longer than […]

To Santiago We [Santia]Go

Country Chile | Dates May 23-27 | Accommodation Hotel Galerias | Note: This post is a “travel guide” about things to do in Santiago Chile I awoke at 4am for my flight to Santiago, […]

Statue of man on horse named Artigas and tall building.

Montevideo: History, Cutlure & Unsavory Characters

Country Uruguay | Dates May 6-9 | Accommodation Circus Hostel & Hotel Barrio Sur Our first venture in Montevideo was to see a street band with drums, Candombe, that practices outside on […]

Brightly colored graffiti art of buildings and the word Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro: No Bags, No Problem

Country Brazil | Related Post Rio de Janerio Day 2 we felt more confident, and walked to Centro for the “free” walking tour. It was wildly boring, so we ditched (giving a minimal […]

View of a tree and back of the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Rio de Janeiro: Fear & Excitement (Mostly Fear)

Country Brazil | Dates April 29 – May 2 | Accommodation Discovery Hostel Upon arrival in Rio, we got terrified due to so many warnings and shoved our valuables into our bras in large chunks […]