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How to Deal with Sketchy Situations & Unsavory Charactors While Traveling

Traveling is fun, adventurous and exciting. When people post about it online it’s all #wanderlust and #amazing…not #abjectfear or #thoughtimightdie. But the reality is traveling can be a bit distressing. […]

A Not-So-Plain Sight: Visiting Phonsavan’s Plain of Jars

While most backpackers head due south from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, a picturesque spot popular for river tubing and excessive partying (not our thing), we headed east to Phonsaven. […]

Colorful foundtain with men and Zocalo in Guatapé.

Guatapé & El Peñón: Go for the Zocalos (Not the Rock)

We did a day trip from Medellín to Guatapé Colombia (not very creative, I know), taking the bus that runs every 20 minutes out of Medellin’s north terminal. Turns out, […]

Photo of Butibara building palm trees and train bridge in Medellín.

Much to See in Medellín

Country Colombia | Dates July 31 – August 4 | Accommodation El Alternativo We left Salento and hopped a bus to Medellín, the city in Colombia we were most excited about. It turned out to be […]

Bright green grasses and tall wax palm trees in a cloud in Cocora Valley.

Wonderful Wax Palms: Hiking Colombia’s Cocora Valley

Country Colombia | Date July 30 | Accommodation In Salento The Cocora Valley is located outside Salento, Colombia, and was a top destination on our Colombia must-see list. The Cocora Valley is characterized […]

Colorful buildings in Salento Colombia.

Colors, Coffee and Crowds: Salento Colombia

Country Colombia | Dates July 28-31 | Accommodation Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel & La Serrana Our first stop in Colombia was Salento, a picturesque town in the central coffee region. Known for its beautiful streets […]

Multi-colored tents on the beach in Canoa Ecuador.

Bright Beach Tents of Canoa Ecuador

Location Canoa Ecuador | Dates July 24-26 | Accommodation Coco Loco Canoa Ecuador was one of my favorite destinations, both because I love the beach and because it was an amazing beach. Located at around […]

Yellow cable car crossing the cloud forest in Mindo Ecuador.

View from the Canopy in Mindo, Ecuador

Country Ecuador | Dates July 21-23 | Accommodation Cabañas Armonia y Jardín de Orquídeas Mindo is a small town located about 3 hours west of Quito in the cloud forest of Ecuador. As we approached by […]

Animals & Textiles: The Markets of Otavalo

Country Ecuador | Dates June 19-21 | Accommodation El Andariego Having missed many other major markets for one reason or another, we were determined to make it to the Otavalo market which […]

Paper with smiley faces and word AMOR hanging on tree.

Quito and the Middle of the World

Location Quito Ecuador | Dates July 16-19 & 26-27 | Accommodation Selina Quito & Huasi Lodge We didn’t think we’d like Quito Ecuador going in, based on accounts from other travelers. Needless to say we […]